G2 Fitness LLC has made “working out” something that I enjoy again. As a busy mom of two I tend to put exercise last on my to-do list. Having Jill bring the “gym” to my home enables me to make health and fitness a priority in my life and I have G2Fitness to thank for that.
-Ashley, Montgomery AL.

Since I started in January with G2 Fitness LLC, I have gone down a complete size and have lost several inches. My energy with two small children is through the roof and I feel great. When I started, I couldn’t do a real sit up or a real push up. I am now doing both and many at the same time. I rocked my half marathon with just 34 training days. Even though I started in January, I took a picture at the end of February and have been taking one a month since then and the difference is amazing. So thank you G2! Oh- And one more brag, I now weigh less than before I even got pregnant and am in smaller clothes too. Not gonna lie, this feels AMAZING!


Updated Photo Aug 2014

-Margaret, Montgomery AL.

I started working out with G2 fitness in the fall of last year. In the beginning it was a workout just to say that I worked out. And then came January. Jill got me on board with trying the Paleo diet and we did the 30 day challenge. To me food was comfort and I NEVER thought that I would change the way I looked at food. The whole way through the challenge Jill was a motivator and encouraged me through it. Paleo has now become a big part of our life. As far as exercising, I didn’t get to work out much in the beginning of the year because of the weather, I have 3 kids and taking my 1 1/2 year old out in the freezing weather is not the best idea. The workouts can be intense but they are never dull. I always feel encouraged and motivated which makes me want to push a little harder. I look forward to our workouts because it is never the same one, which keeps things interesting. When I started, I was a size 14 and weighed 179 lbs. I am now a size 8 and weigh 158 lbs. My husband was a size 42 and weighed 240 lbs, he is now a size 36 and weighs 219 lbs. We owe G2 Fitness for where we are now, I never would have taken the steps on my own and I never would have even thought about doing the Paleo challenge. We didn’t just “diet” we made a Lifestyle change!

-Rachel, Montgomery AL.

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