Online Training

Check out G2 Fitness LLC’s Online Personal Training Options!

Interested in personal training but don’t have the dedicated time slot to schedule a trainer? Do you enjoy the training plan and relationship you have established with Jill, but are moving out of the area? Do you want the freedom to get to the gym when you can- but still have a personalized plan?

NEW Online Personal Training Services allow you to get a personalized training plan sent directly to your mobile device! Receive up to date training goals and work-out plans right when you get to the gym- including an exercise video library to help coach you through the various exercises! Update your Trainer on your training stats, notes and basic information right on your phone. Continue to work towards your goals without having to sacrifice a personalized experience.

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Packages start at a low $125 a month for a basic online plan. Enhance your experience by combining one-on-one training sessions with online training (1x one-on-one training session a week, plus 3-4x online workouts per week).

Online Training Plans:
4 Weeks: $125
12 Weeks: $300

Online/Individual Combined Packages
1 Month Package (4x Training Sessions; 8-12 Online Workouts) $250
3 Month Package (12x Training Sessions; 24-36 Online Workouts) $600

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2 comments on “Online Training

  1. Hey Jill! I’m interested in doing one month of online training. I want to start out with that and then once we get settled in at DC ill sign up for more sessions. The first two weeks I won’t have any equipment, but the second two weeks I will have weights and a pull up bar.

    Good luck with the move!!

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